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About NickJean

NickJean is specialized in combining fashion trends together with the wished of
women. The result is a fashionable pair of pants with a great fit.

NickJean is a high quality brand engaged with the newest designs and details.
Our primary goal is to give women pants with the perfect fit, the best quality at an affordable price. All designs by NickJean are worked out using special labels, stitching, embroidery and  exceptional details.

With focus from our DENIM capital, NickJean also kicks off an inspiring denim collection with the latest vintage washes and exceptional details under the label NickJean // DENIM. At its base that always recurring perfect fit.

It is exactly the stability of our fitting that makes for vast confidence in our retailers. Every season we offer new designs. And we are very proud of the fact that the reliability of fitting quality has brought NickJean so much success both domestically and abroad !